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Are You Sure You Know All About Your Human Hair Wig?

Apr, 13, 2022

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The production of customized wigs is very complicated, and it needs to go through various precise links such as material selection, hair hook, bleaching and dyeing. It takes a lot of time and manpower to complete a customized wig. Therefore, the wig as a roadside stall low-end goods view, is wrong! In today's article, we are going to tell you what you didn't know about wigs.  

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The composition of a wig  

No matter what kind of human hair wigs are made up of two parts, "base" and "hair". What is the bottom of the net ?The bottom of the wig is the part that holds the hair and fits into our own hair, which is like the scalp. Net bottom is mainly divided into two categories, one is composed of leather, one is composed of net material, in addition to the coexistence of leather and net bottom.  


There is almost no leather as the bottom of the net in the common cheap wig on the market, the reason is that the bottom of the net of the leather class needs to be processed rigorously.  The bottom of the leather net is usually in the form of glue.  Use special glue to brush on hair piece, after heating and drying, formed leather.  

The treated leather feels smooth and comfortable and very skin-friendly.  Leather is also thin and thick, the thinnest leather thickness is only 0.03mm, feel very good, and very light, wearing on the head almost can not feel the excess weight.  

Net Material  

Mesh material and leather, is to undertake the hair part, mesh material also has different materials, such as lace production of mesh mesh is small, very soft to the touch, and has a high permeability, suitable for summer wear; Another more common mesh material, "Mono," is stronger and has a longer life.  

Because leather and net material have their own advantages, so Kameymall bilieves that many customers in the customized wig at the bottom of the net will choose two materials combined together style, in order to make their customized wig more suitable for their own wear.  

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