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We Have An Air Track Mat Encyclopaedia For You

May, 06, 2022

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The Air Track Mat, also known as taekwondo somersault mat, is widely used in martial arts clubs and Muay Thai clubs. It is the replacement of traditional sponge mat. The product has the advantages of flexible and hard degree that can be adjusted arbitrarily, portability, freight, convenient storage, long service life and so on.

The flat air track is integrated  

This air track mat is applicable to taekwondo gym somersault training, martial arts school teaching, gymnastics practice, cool run practice, circus training, aerial work stage protection, floating platform and so on.  The bearing capacity is strong, safe and reliable, the trainer can rest assured to use. Standard size 2 meters wide *3 meters, 2 meters wide *5 meters, size can be customized.  

air tracks

Performance of inflatable gymnastics mat  

All imported DWF wire drawing cloth, excellent air tightness, wear resistance, long service life.  Filling method: use a special fan to fill the air from the safety self-locking air nozzle. Please be careful not to fill the air too full, so as to avoid bursting and damaging the product caused by overfilling.  


Product maintenance and maintenance  

  1. If the product is damaged within 10cm, you can use the repair glue and repair piece delivered by the manufacturer. Apply special glue on the damaged place and repair piece.  

2, in case of wind, rain, snow, fog, hail and other weather, the equipment should be strictly prohibited to use, in order to avoid accidents.  

  1. When not used for a long time, washing powder can be used to remove the stains on the surface, and then clean them with clean water and dry them in the sun.  
  2. If it is not used for a long time, it must be cleaned up and dried in the sun. After that, the product must be folded, bundled and packed well. The storage temperature is generally -50~+40 degrees Celsius is appropriate.  Products should be paid attention to rodent moth bite.  

Matters needing attention  

Inflatable products, most afraid of sharp things, do not be used on the cement floor. Make sure it's dry when you don't need to put it away, and then put it in the leather belt, so it will be as good as new the next time you use it. Please feel free to contact us at Kameymall for any additional air Track protection questions!

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