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Wow! How Cute The Mini Bikini Is

May, 04, 2022

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There seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to style differences in women's bikinis, especially the more exotic and uncommon versions like the mini bikini.

Often, when we talk about 'exotic bikinis' we are talking about bikinis that have less coverage than the typical mediocre bikinis you find at your local bikini shop or a large retailer like Macy's or a discount retailer like Target. Here is a list of what people consider to be "exotic bikini swimsuits" and we will compare and contrast them with miniature bikinis.

In the USA, the Brazilian style bikini is considered exotic

Brazilian bikinis are considered exotic because the bottom of these bikinis provide 1/3 the coverage of the average store-bought bikini. as for the top, the Brazilian bikini provides slightly less coverage (about half an inch) than the top of the average bikini, but there is no significant difference. The Brazilian bikini is therefore designed to show off a woman's buttocks.

The thong bikini is very similar to the Brazilian bikini and is designed to show off the wearer's buttocks
Unlike the Brazilian bikini, the thong bikini has a hip cleft (for lack of a better term) covered by fabric which sits inside the hip cleft. As a result of being in the butt crack, the entire buttock is exposed. The end of the bikini coming out of the butt crack usually has a small triangle. The top of a thong bikini is similar to the top of a Brazilian bikini and is slightly smaller than the traditional top. These tops expose more of the breasts, but as with the Brazilian bikini, the thong bikini focuses on showing off the bottom of the wearer.

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Kameymall hopes this article helps explain the development phase of bikinis. If you have any questions please let us know by contacting us.

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