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FAQ For Air Track Mat

May, 06, 2022

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The sport requires space, and not every home can accommodate an area specifically for the youngest gymnasts. It doesn't mean that your child should be forced to miss home classes or that you have to spend money to purchase gymnasium space.

Air track mats that inflate seek to address space and security concerns to ensure that children gymnasts and tumblers can keep training.

Is our air track mats safe for home use

The air track mat can be the most suitable alternative for use at home because of their mobility (they can be removed to store them and transport them). With their quick installation, you can take the mat for training and then fold it up to put it away to use the space for different uses.

What pressure should you use for an air track
The correct pressure is determined by the player's weight and the type of activity. It is essential to refer to the manual of the air track mat you have installed to find the appropriate pressure. It is possible to adjust your "bounciness" according to your requirements. A majority of the products offer graphs based on activity and weight, but a good rule of thumb is to add air to ensure you don't top out.

How much do air track mats weigh
It's based on the manufacturer size, the brand, and the materials employed. Although inflatable air track mats are generally considered light enough for transport after deflating, it does not mean that they're all the same in weight.
Based on our studies on the subject, we have found significant weight differences ranging from 20 pounds upwards to 45lbs.

Air Track Training Set
To sum up
Now you have known more about air track mats after reading this article. If you have other questions, come to Kameymall and we can help you.

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