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Yes We Can Usefully Care For Human Hair Wigs

How To Care For Human Hair Wigs Usefully

Apr, 28, 2022

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Human hair wigs are much more expensive than synthetic wig varieties. Human hair wigs allow for a more natural look, whether worn occasionally or on a daily basis.

Although human hair is the most natural and durable of all fibers, human hair wigs can be a challenge to maintain.

When human hair wigs get wet, they lose the style, just like your hair does. Curly or wavy hair is easy to manage as most styles need to be worn with mousse and scrunchies. If it is bone straight, it will require light maintenance unless the hair reverts to a curly pattern. Most popular styles require a certain amount of heat to style.

The mixing human and synthetic materials

The same is true (to some extent) about mixing human and synthetic materials. Synthetic hair holds its shape well after washing, but may need a little touch-up with a curling iron to refresh the style. This is much less work than styling from scratch as with 100% human hair.

A wig made with 50% human hair and 50% fine synthetic fibers is a great combination as it gives you the best of both worlds. You will have the longevity of human hair and the ability of synthetic fibers to retain their shape after washing. Remember, even if the wig contains human hair, it is important to follow the heat styling methods of synthetic fibers. Most synthetic fibers can tolerate curling irons set to a low or warm setting. Steam stylers and hot rollers can also be used, but remember to use end papers to ensure that the ends of your hair remain smooth.

Long Ginger Wig

To protect your investment, there are a few things you should do to extend the life of your wig from Kameymall.

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