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Some Thing You Need To Know About Air Track

Jan, 06, 2022

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A plethora of people like jumping, playing karate, and doing gymnastics; therefore, it is essential to protect their bodies from getting injured and be in an environment where you can learn easily. Such people use a mat rectangular in shape, having a specific thickness and color which is called an Air track. It is widely used in sports and Gymnastics for training purposes. Health specialists assert that using Air track can assist in improving health in various aspects and help you better your skills.

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Usually, it comes in different sizes, colors, and thicknesses and apart from these physical features it has also some beneficial features, which are as follows:


1- Carrying handles:
If you aspire to position your air track wherever you want, it has a feature of carrying handles that can assist you in transporting it from one place to another and changing its orientation.


2- Dual Valves:
Air track consists of dual valves that enable you to control and regulate air pressure according to your use or need. It is evident that for different weights, you have to maintain different pressures.


3- Splicing features:
Common sizes of air tracks available in the market range between 90-100 cm. But, sometimes, this size alone cannot fulfill the needs of trainers therefore, it has a splicing feature that helps to augment more mats on its sides and this helps to increase the size.

From the composition aspect, it is made of specific materials like PVC, double-wall, and Rail tape which make it extremely strong, adapting it to cater to your needs.


Air tracks are used for Gymnastics, karate fighting, jumping, and other exercises. Cheerleaders, and parking enthusiasts also use this for their training. This item is popular among every class whether it be amateur or professional.

If you are a karate fighter, cheerleader, or eager of hoping and searching for a durable, efficient, and sturdy Air track, then visit Kameymall as they aim to provide you with the best Air track you are looking for. They have a great variety in color, size, and quality.

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