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How Do Girls Curl Human Hair Wigs If They Love To Change

May, 05, 2022

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Well we have good news. Although human hair wigs can withstand heat styling, you can add body and curl to your human hair wigs with the right tools, some patience and some practice.
Read on for our step-by-step guide to creating gorgeous waves in human hair wigs.

Set up and comb through

Place the dry wig on a wig stand to help keep it in place, allowing you to see the whole human hair wigs as you work and to easily manipulate the strands. Next, brush the wig completely clean with a wig comb or wig brush. Take care to gently remove any tangles while avoiding stretching the fibers of the human hair wigs. Start at the ends of the hair and brush upwards with short strokes. Avoid brushing too close to the wig cap itself.

Parting the hair, clip and spray
You will want to do this one inch at a time by separating the hair one inch at a time. Separate the first one inch section from the rest of the hair at the top centre. Gently spray one inch sections with cool water from root to tip. Be careful not to saturate the hair, just get it wet.

Roll and repeat
Work your way from the top centre part of the wig to the sides and finally to the centre of the back of the wig. This way, as you curl the top strands, you move them out of the way, allowing the strands underneath to be curled.

Air dry and unroll
Undo the clips or pins holding the rollers in place and slowly remove the rollers. During this step, be careful not to stretch the curls. During this step you can use a light spray of wig setting spray on the hair as you unroll to help set the curls.

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Finishing touches
Be careful not to pull on the curls too much or they will straighten back out. If desired, you can lightly spray the entire wig from Kameymall with wig setting spray at this point.

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