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Careful!How To Wash Your Bikinis

Jul, 24, 2022

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Most women only wear a bikini for a few weeks a year. Unfortunately, exposure to the sun, pool chemicals, sunscreen, sweat and seawater can wreak havoc on your favourite swimming costume or bikini. Fading and areas of wear and tear.  What is the best way to care for your swimsuit?


Should I wash my bikini by hand or in the washing machine

Immediately after swimming, rinse your bikini swimsuits or swimming costume in cold or lukewarm water to remove any harmful substances. Tip two. Check the care instructions on the label. Not all fabrics are machine washable. Regardless of what the label says, we always recommend washing your swimwear by hand. Use cold or lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Never allow your bikini or swimming costume to soak and you should rinse it immediately. Wash your swimsuit by machine.

If you prefer to wash your underwear or swimwear in the washing machine, that's fine. Just don't make a habit of it and make sure you follow these three important rules.

  1. Choose a short programme of fine washing
  2. Wash in cold or lukewarm water    
  3. Use a laundry bag

If your underwear or swimwear has sequins, you are better off washing them by hand.

Our final tip: never use fabric softener. It may affect the elasticity of the fabric.

Say no to direct sunlight

Once your bikini or swimsuit has been washed, do not wring it out. This may damage the fibers and the elasticity of the fabric. What should you do? Lay your swimsuit flat and allow it to air dry. Do not dry in direct sunlight as this may cause fading and do not tumble dry as this may damage the fabric.


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