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Home news Product The Classic Blue Air Track Mat Online
classic blue gym air track mat online

The Classic Blue Air Track Mat Online

Jul, 27, 2022

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Let's get to know the good helper in life today.


This good helper is an air track mat.


The air track mat is generally designed to be non-slip because of the force often required to apply. Better slip resistance allows most people to practice difficult poses while keeping safe. Some people think that the air track mat will become slippery after cleaning, but this is actually not true. Washing doesn't make it lose its stickiness, it does because of wear and tear. If we prolong the life of the mat, we can use baking soda after each wipe clean to help absorb oil and water as a way to reduce wear and slippage. Afterward, shake the mat in an open place to remove excess powder.

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An air track mat is a mat that can protect your body from injury while practicing yoga. At the same time, this mat is very soft so it can effectively reduce the pain of the body when in contact with the ground. It is the ideal companion for yoga practitioners. It can also be inflated and deflated, and after deflation, it can be rolled up and stored for easy portability.

The air track mat has a resilient and sturdy surface, making it ideal for yoga practitioners. In addition, the air track mat has a strong resilience, making it very convenient for you to exercise and practice. In addition to doing some other fitness exercises on it, this mat is also suitable for children's play mats and wild camping mats.


Using an air track mat can prevent you from injury when stretching your limbs. Therefore it has a strong anti-slip because if the body slides during the stretching process, it is easy to cause physical injury; at the same time, this mat can also effectively reduce the pressure caused by the stress points such as knees or limbs during exercise.


Specific styles

If sky-like blue is your favorite, then check this one out. The lively blue color is sure to put you in a good mood when you're exercising. Available in 4 sizes to meet most sports requirements. 0.2m thickness also gives you a great experience. Each size is equipped with an inflatable pump, so go check it out.


Where to buy

You can go to Kameymall to buy a piece of air track mat. you will not be disappointed.

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