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How to Clean Gymnastics Mats

Jan, 16, 2022

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We are very picky about what we use every day, which is why we clean them as often as possible. Gymnastic mats that we use at home or in public should be supervised and should be well maintained. Cleaning the air track is one way to keep it looking good and avoid disease.

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That bacteria coming from mats

Often we see blue gym mats and we tend to ignore how dirty the mat is because of its color. Kids play on it, different people, different sweats and different bacteria are landing on the mats we might come across. Dampness is a breeding ground for many types of bacteria and fungi that can create a true park on a sports mat. One study showed that around 132 million highly dangerous bacteria were found in a London gym, compared to an average of 16 million. These microorganisms include athlete's foot and E. coli in feces. It's a possibility that the bacteria from the pads are causing diseases or allergies that we may acquire.


Clean your feet first
How do I become safe in my own gymnastics mat? Because the main reason you put the pads is for health, not to contain the millions of viruses and bacteria that can spread athlete's foot, ringworm, and plantar warts. First, you must clean your feet before and after using the mats. During exercise, be sure to bring a face towel or bath towel to wipe away sweat. Not only do you have to think about cleaning, but also the pads you use.


How to clean gymnastics mats?
For interlocking gym mats: Remove one section at a time, then shake each tile to reduce dirt and dust. Lay each tile on a flat surface to prevent it from deforming. When cleaning tiles, use a mild dish soap solution. Using a sponge or mop dipped in soapy water, scrub the tile thoroughly, turning it over and scrubbing the other side. Rinse the pad with a hose and place it in place to air dry. For an all-in-one gym mat: Vacuum the mat loose, roll it up, and place outside your home. Put it on a flat surface and start cleaning the entire pad with a towel and a solution of one part vinegar to three parts water to minimize germs. Sanitize the pad with lysine and spray it lightly but thoroughly on the pad. Follow the same steps to clean the other side of the pad and let it dry. Make sure to also clean the area where the pad is permanently placed.

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