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air tumble track for gym use

If Your Air Track Got Dirty

Aug, 15, 2022

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The picture below shows an air track mat, or as we call it the air tumble track, because it is an inflatable gymnastics mat and is ideal for difficult gymnastic training. It has more features, better performance and is more convenient than a traditional gymnastics mat and is often seen in gymnasiums.

air track

Does the air tumble track in the gym get dirty?

However, we, as a whole, realise that using an air track mat is disgusting. Imagine someone lying on that mat, sweating and working out. But, no, I am going out of my way not to shock you. I'm going to let you know how to clean your air track mat before you use it. So, we are going to share with you today some ways to clean the air tumble track.

To clean the air tumble track pad, follow the instructions below. They will help you to learn the proper cleaning procedure which is important to clean the air tumble track mat.

How do I clean the air tumble track at the gym?

Use 1 cup of vinegar to 3 cups of water. Make sure you mix it in a spray bottle so that you can give the mat a bath. You will need a towel to wipe off the mixture as you use the cleaning arrangement. When you get to the gym, take the mat and splash it with the vinegar and water mixture. Then wipe it down with the towel, making sure it is clean and allowing 5 minutes drying time afterwards.

After cleaning the mat with the mixture, spray the mat with Lysol to kill any microorganisms left behind by other people. You can buy small jars of Lysol disinfectant to take with you rather than transporting large jars. After spraying the mat with Lysol disinfectant, you should give it proper time to dry before using it. Being aware that you are working out on a clean mat will help to put your mind at ease and allow you to focus on your workout.

Once your mat has dried you can cover it with a clean towel. The clean towel will cover the mat and you will be free from damage to microorganisms. If you take a clean towel with you every time you go to the gym, it will help you turn yourself into a considerate gym goer by making sure you wipe down everything you use during your workout.


Of course, if you are too worried about the dirty air tumble track at the gym, you can come to Kameymall and get yourself a home air track. the mat in the picture above is a home mat, 3m long, 1m wide and 0.1m behind.

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