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Safety Shoes With Different Color Have Various Function

Mar, 15, 2022

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Humans can distinguish among a total of about 10 million colors, but this is only an estimate, as each person’s eyes and brain are built differently and each person sees colors a little differently, so the distinction between colors is quite subjective. While when they choose the safety shoes for women, the influence of color is significant.

The psychological effects of safety shoes with various color

Safety shoes with different colors can have different psychological effects. In detail these feelings vary from person to person, but in general even people from different cultures tend to have the same feelings. For example, red safety shoes make people feel excited and blue safety shoes make people feel calm. For artists, architects, fashion designers and advertisers, for example, the psychological effect of color is very important.

The effect of safety shoes with different brightness

The same color of safety shoes in different brightness will produce a different sense of color. The reason for this phenomenon is that in addition to the cone cells in our eyes there are also rod cells that can sense light. Although rod cells are generally thought to be able to distinguish only black and white, their sensitivity to different colors is slightly different, so when the light is dimmed, the light-sensitive properties of the rod cells become increasingly important and can alter our perception of color.
The influence of culture of safety shoes with kinds of colors
The definition of color of safety shoes varies greatly from culture to culture. For example, some cultures see 'black, brown, dark green, dark blue and purple' as one color, or see 'pink' and 'red' as two different colors.

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So when you need buy safety shoes, it’s necessary for you to consider color. Welcome to Kameymall and buy ones that you love!

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