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Mean Girls? Good Girls? Who Are You?

Oct, 31, 2022

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Are you good girls or mean girls? Maybe most of you are good girls. But do you know the characteristics of mean girls? Bad? Always hanging out in the street? Having nothing to do? Perhaps you can find answers in a movie. It is called Mean Girls. Have you ever watched this movie before? It is a teen comedy which was released in 2004. You even can see a human hair wig in this movie. Do you want to know what kind of human hair wig it is? Is it a deep wave wig or a full=bottomed wig? Or maybe it is a customized wig? Answers and relevant information will be offered in the following part. Read it carefully and you will find how great the movie is.

From Queen Bees and Wannabes

As we have mentioned before, Mean Girls is a comedy which was targeted at teenagers. When it made its debut, it was warmly welcomed by many fans. Teenagers were talking about this movie and shared their opinions with their friends in the school and after school.

In the movie, Rachel McAdams played the role of Regina George who is a mean girl at first but turns into a good girl at last. She has stunning long and blond hair, which made her more attractive in the movie. However, in fact, her hair is not real, instead, it is fake, which means that she wears a human hair wig. The wig seemed to fit the character well.

This movie was based on the novel Queen Bees and Wannabes which was written by Rosalind Wiseman. And the screenplay was finished by Tina Fey. The director is Mark Wates. This movie has achieved great success after its debut. It grossed 129 million dollars in terms of box office.

You should not be defined by others

Mean girls or good girls? Who are you? You should not be defined by others. You are the only one who can define yourself. But if you want to get the experience of turning from a mean girl to a good girl, come to Kameymall and choose a wig for yourself. Then wear it. You may know what Regina George felt in the movie.

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