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Home news Solving Difficulties How To Select Air Tracks Of Right Colours? (Part 2)
colorful air track mat for yoga

How To Select Air Tracks Of Right Colours? (Part 2)

Jul, 14, 2022

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In the last article, I have already told you about the characteristics of some of the colours in order for you to choose a more suitable air track mat for your situation. today, we will continue with the characteristics of the various colours and recommend a few colours that are suitable for yoga mats or gymnastic mats.
If you want to choose a more suitable air tumble track mat for yourself, you should read on.

air track

Understanding the effects of different colours 2

Orange is an energetic and appetising colour, a warm colour, a healthy colour, and a colour of maturity and happiness.
Pink is the best interpretation of gentleness. Experiments have shown that when people who are angry are shown pink, they calm down quickly, as pink reduces the secretion of adrenal hormones, thus stabilising their mood. People with autism and mental depression may wish to be exposed to the colour pink on a regular basis.
Red is a more stimulating colour, which gives people a burning and hot emotion. However, it should not be exposed to too much, too much gazing at the big red colour will not only affect the eyesight, but also easily produce a sense of dizziness. Red is generally contraindicated for people with heart and brain disease.
Black has a clearing, calming and stabilising effect, and acts as a restorative stabiliser for patients who are agitated, irritable, insomniac and frightened.


Choose a gentle colour cushion

Emotionally, a mild colour increases motivation and commitment to exercise by reducing negative emotions, which coincides with the philosophy of yoga or gymnastics training. Let's call this coincidence "yoga colours". These yoga colours are not only good for exercise, but also for breathing and meditation. On the other hand, irritating colours can easily lead to anger and can easily cause people to give up and not stick to the yoga practice, which is not suitable for yoga practice and meditation. Therefore, the best colours for yoga mats or gymnastics mats are mild, including green, blue, yellow and grey. This will make the body and mind feel relaxed and not too depressing, after all, what we need is to create a comfortable atmosphere during the practice of yoga as well.



Again, I recommend Kameymall because you can customise your mat in your favourite colour and even have it printed on the front with a word or picture. What's more, the shop is having a sale right now, which means that you can get the air track in the picture, for example, for $200 less than usual.

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