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Wear The Rainbow: Bra And Panty Trends For 2021 (Chapter 1)

Dec, 28, 2021

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Who is managing the world? Obviously female. So why do we do this with beige and black day after day? For any Tuesday, for an inspiring, inspiring, and exciting change of pace, we strongly recommend rethinking your bra and panty palette.

Color can be said to be the most direct way to elevate emotions-in winter, especially this year when the epidemic is sweeping the world, we can all use this method more. Through the fashion lens, color is a tool that we can rely on to convey a feeling or idea to others, and perhaps most importantly, to ourselves. A sexy bikini or panties, your iconic power color, or, conversely, a bold color that you won’t wear from head to toe, can subconsciously brighten your outlook for the day. Such a small move, such a big reward.

Whether you want to match your tops and bottoms or come up with a delightful conflict combination, let spring-no, the entire 2022! ——Be more energetic from the inside to the outside. Let's start now.

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Red is associated with love and luck all over the world: Valentine's Day revolves around passion, fiery red; Italians wear red underwear on New Year's Eve; red is the auspicious color of the Chinese New Year. In terms of bras, red and white shirts match very well. At the end of 2020, the Pantone Institute, the first and last word on color theory, even introduced a new hue, Period, to normalize the conversation around menstruation. Obviously, this is a color that adds intensity and brilliance to daily life.


Final words
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