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Commercially Available Air Track Mat

Jun, 29, 2022

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Have you noticed a new trend in gymnastics? Those old foam landing mats have been replaced by a new, cool air pressure track. Do you see what I mean? If you're looking for equipment that provides safety for gymnastics practice at home, an air track mat could be your answer. Let's investigate further!
The air track mat is a new commercially available inflatable fitness air track mat that is rapidly gaining popularity among eager young gymnasts. If your child falls into this category, you may want to seriously consider this option. Regular floor mats are what most of us use when we work out in the comfort of our own homes. However, in the case of acrobatics, they don't offer much help other than some support for the exercising body. There are various benefits to using an air track rather than the usual soft mats.

Exceptional support with the air track mat

Gymnasts can benefit significantly from their exceptional support, bounce and rebound height when practising jumps. Using them reduces the likelihood of injury during exercise. An electric pump inflates them quickly, so they are always ready to use. They deflate quickly and are compact, making them ideal for storage in tight locations. Plus the cushions are larger and more difficult to transport when they deflated and folded.

What is the use of air mats
Gymnasts use air mats to hone their abilities, increase self-awareness and improve their overall performance. Gymnasts, yogis, martial artists and other sports enthusiasts use air tracks, which we call "gymnasts".
Athletes can safely practice a variety of skills on these mats, such as jumping and flipping from one position to the next, rolling forward and backward on their hands in the air, and much more. Due to the high bounce of the air track, injuries to wrists, ankles and knees of gymnasts are less likely to occur. The bounce of the air track can be varied by changing the air pressure in the mat.

Investigate Air Track
To get the most air and power from your jumps, you want the higher the air pressure the better. A softer mat from Kameymall will give you more air and energy, but it will also provide more support in case you fall.

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