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4 Tips To Make Your Feet More Comfortable And Cool

Nov, 23, 2021

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It will be hard for you to concentrate on the task in hot, long days, especially when moisture build-up, discomfort, and strain on your feet impact you from doing your best work. With over 250,000 sweat glands in your feet, so it is difficult for you to keep your feet dry and comfortable, but safety shoes for women is a great way.

There are various methods that are recommended to reduce sweat and the odour that comes with it, including four simple tips to keep you working in a comfortable condition.

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Choose the right socks

Just choosing the right socks that you wear will make a great impact on overall foot health and comfort. Socks made from cotton are the best choice since cotton dries quickly, keeps warm, is breathable, and is easy to clean.

Wash or change your socks daily

Odour can be caused easily by bacteria, but with the bacteria increasing continuously, the odour becomes more difficult to remove as it becomes embedded in the fibers of the footwear itself. To prevent the growth of bacteria, the first step is to change and wash your socks daily. Sweating frequently provides survival conditions for bacterial growth. By transferring the sweat left in the socks, odour build-up can be reduced. If you are continuously working in warm temperatures throughout the day, as time goes by, increase your comfort by taking a number of pairs of socks so that you can change them at any time.


Make safety boots and shoes dry out

Even if wearing the right socks and making sure that you wear a clean pair of them every day are helpful for reducing sweating, bacteria growth and odour, sometimes you need a little extra help to reduce sweat and odour accumulation. This is a professional tip, to absorb unpleasant sweat and odour. Please roll the newspaper into a ball and place it in your shoes. Leave the newspaper in your safety boots or work safety shoes overnight, and then in the next morning, watch carefully to find the changes in your shoes.


Use Safety Shoes & Boots Freshener

If the odor caused by bacteria is always difficult to eliminate, neutralize odour with a spray specifically created to deal with the toughest of unwanted smells and keep boots and shoes fresh all day from heel to toe. With an applicator specifically created to reach the toughest of areas, you can ensure that every part of your footwear is properly managed for comfort.

No matter what your job is, it is very important to keep cool and comfortable all day long! Tell Kameymall how your work safety shoes are working for you!

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