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Function Descriptions Of Safety Shoes

Mar, 09, 2022

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Wearing safety shoes are very essential for workers who work at workplaces with potential dangerous, these shoes can not only keep active workers who push, pull and lift items often comfortable, but also give maximum protection to their feet.

Slip Resistant Safety Shoes
The specific performance is as follows:

Toe protection safety shoes: The safety performance of the inner toe cap is AN1 level, suitable for metallurgy, mining, forestry, port, loading and unloading, quarrying machinery, construction, petroleum, chemical industry, etc.
Anti-puncture safety shoes: The anti-puncture strength is level 1, suitable for mining, fire protection, construction, forestry, cold work, machinery industry, etc.

Adopt industry standards (toe protection safety shoes LD50-94), the inner lining of toe protection safety shoes is steel toe cap, which has both static pressure resistance and impact resistance, stab-proof, smash-proof, very safe, tested and pressure-resistant It is 10KN. It is mainly used in mining, mechanical construction safety, metallurgy, steel, port hoisting and other heavy industries. It is a safe leather shoe to protect the toes. It has rubber and elastomer support inside, which is comfortable to wear and does not affect daily work.

Puncture proof
Protect the soles of the feet from being stabbed by sharp objects, and can withstand a maximum puncture force of 1100N, which is a national special standard.

Anti-static leather shoes should reach GB4385-1995 standard. The resistance value ranges from 100K'Ω to 1000M'Ω. This product has the functions of good air permeability, anti-static, wear-resistant and anti-skid. It is mainly suitable for aviation and aerospace industries. It can avoid flammable and explosive accidents due to static electricity.

Realize the importance of safety shoes
Best safety shoes are made up of durable material so they can help you avoid lots of dangers. Safety shoes provide support, comfort and protection for people who are engaged in construction work, house decoration and furniture decoration. What are you waiting for? Buy a pair of safety shoes at Kameymall for your own.

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