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plus sexy bikini set from Kameymall

Rock Your Sexy Bikini Look

Feb, 08, 2022

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Are you prepared to don your sexy bikini? and head to the beach or pool? It can be challenging to put on a sexy bikini. There isn't a lot of cloth to deal with, but it needs to be placed exactly properly to keep you warm. Learn how to properly put on your bikini and prepare your body to look and feel fantastic in your swimwear.


1 Take off all of your clothes, head to toe

Sexy Bikinis are designed to show off a lot of skin, so strip down. You should also take off your bra and underpants. It's practically hard to keep your underwear from peeking out when you're active at the beach or pool, so don't try to wear your bikini over your underwear.

2 Pull up the bottoms of your bikini
Bikini bottoms provide similar coverage to bikini-style underwear. The top edge of your sexy bikini bottoms should cross over each hip bone below your belly button, sitting along your hips. Your bottom should be tightly hugged in the rear. They'll either provide complete or partial cheek coverage, depending on the style you're wearing.

women one piece swimsuits
There should be no sagging or drooping in your sexy bikini bottoms. You should go down a size if they're too big.
They should also not pierce your skin or cause puffiness. If this is the case, go up a size.

3 Below your breasts fasten the bikini top
Fasten the band around your chest first before putting on the top like a bra. It may be easier to put the top on backward so you can attach the band in the front, then slide it around to situate the cups in the front.

If the bikini is made of string, tie a tight knot first, then bow the ends. Tie it just tight enough to keep the bikini in place without cutting off your circulation.

If you can easily slip your hand through the band of your sexy bikini top, either knot it tighter or go down a size. Go up a size if it's too tight.
4 Adjust the cups according to your preferences.

To hold your breasts securely in place, rest them in the center of each cup. Make sure the sexy bikini cups' fabric completely covers your breasts; if they're too tight or your breasts are protruding from the sides, you might want to go up a size. If they're too big, go down a size or get a cushioned top.
Kameymall has all the sexy bikinis for all body types.

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