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Home news Product How To Avoid Your New Safety Shoes Rubbing Your Feet?
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How To Avoid Your New Safety Shoes Rubbing Your Feet?

Aug, 04, 2022

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Safety shoes are protective footwear that protect the feet of frontline workers in all heavy industries such as machine manufacturing, construction sites, railway construction, coal mining and mould production. It can be said that safety shoes bring us care and peace of mind.

However, newly bought safety shoes, whether they are men's safety shoes or the more lightweight safety shoes for women, will always rub the feet, even if they are hundreds or thousands of dollars of brand name safety shoes sometimes, making it painful for workers to wear them! So, today I'm going to explain how to solve this problem.


There are a few tips to solve the problem of new safety shoes rubbing and pinching your feet and I would like to share them with you here. The two places where new safety shoes are most likely to rub your feet are the heel and the outside of the big toe.

First, use a wet towel to cover the part of the safety shoe that is rubbing your feet for a few minutes, then take a dry soft towel and wrap it around the place where your feet are being squeezed, and use a hammer to knock a few times to flatten the place where your feet are rubbing.

Secondly, take a newspaper, pinch it into a ball, dip it in some water, not too wet, but dip the whole group in water, then take a dry newspaper and wrap it around the wet newspaper, stuff it in the squeezed part of the foot, then seal it in a plastic bag overnight, it will be fine.

Third, if the labor safety shoes are too small and pinch your feet, you may want to use a wet towel to cover the wet, and then use a shoe wedge to prop up the large, wear it up and smooth feet.

Fourth, before putting on the safety shoes, take a piece of soap (the usual candle can also be used) in the most contact with the heel part of a thin layer, the shoes will therefore become smooth and no longer wear feet.

Fifthly, no matter where your feet are rubbed, you can apply a little white wine to the area where they are rubbed to ensure they don't rub.

Sixth, when you buy new safety shoes, you can use a hair dryer to soften the heel and the front part of the foot pressure before you wear them, the effect is good.

Seventh, go to the supermarket to buy heel stickers, according to the above instructions, stick on the line. Not only does it not rub the ankle, but it also makes the safety shoes more flattering to the feet, which is good.

Recommend a pair of safety shoes

Look at the illustration in the article, where the man wearing a pair of safety shoes has actually stepped on a nail under his foot and his toe is being hit by a hammer. But even so, he is unhurt, thanks to the safety shoes he has on his feet.

It's a puncture and smash resistant pair of safety shoes, but unlike many safety shoes that focus on function at the expense of appearance, it looks remarkably similar to a casual shoe and is your best bet for both style and function.


Which shop

These shoes are from Kameymall, a shop that carries a lot of slip resistant safety shoes or puncture and smash resistant safety shoes, all very cheap, as this is a shop that has just opened recently and is having a sale. Also, the safety shoes in this shop are more fashionable. Why not come and have a look?

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