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Gymnastics Injury Prevention (Charter 2)

Dec, 13, 2021

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In the last article, we learned that in addition to the high-quality air track mats that Kameymall can buy, we also learned about some protective measures that need to be paid attention to when doing gymnastics. Today this article will continue to learn more related knowledge.


Proper preparation

Maintain fitness. Make sure you are in good health at the beginning of the gymnastics season. In the off-season, stick to a balanced fitness program that includes aerobics, strength training, and flexibility. If you are in poor health at the beginning of the season, gradually increase your activity level and slowly return to a higher level of health. Before you can try more complex gymnastics on-air track mat, you must rebuild your strength, endurance, and skill levels.

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Hydrate. Even mild dehydration can impair athletic performance. If you don't have enough fluid, your body won't be able to cool itself effectively through sweat and evaporation. The general recommendation is to drink 24 ounces of non-caffeinated liquid 2 hours before exercise. Drinking an additional 8 ounces of water or a sports drink before exercise can also help. When you work out, take an 8-ounce break. One glass of water every 20 minutes.


Dress appropriately
Avoid wearing loose clothing as this can interfere with your coach or your own visual safety positioning. A range of safety gear is required for young gymnasts to use. These include:
Hand grips – not mandatory, but can help reduce the frequency of "tearing" (blister tearing on the hand).

Heel pads can be used to protect feet from the impact of low or high bars when training on new skills, such as release movements or huge swings on crossbars.

Wrist pads can be worn to relieve pain when rolling over (called "tiger paws").



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