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How Does An Online Wigs Consultation Work

Apr, 21, 2022

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Getting a free wig consultation is the easiest way to find the perfect color for your perfect wig. This unique process is completely tailored to you and your needs.

Submit your order

Once you have found your human hair wigs, click on the colour drop down menu and select one of the following.

Request a consultation, your order will be forwarded to a wig specialist who will then email you directly to ask for any additional details they require.
Send a picture, once your order has been submitted, the wig specialist will send you an email asking you to attach a colour matching picture. Make sure the picture you send shows your hair in natural light, or as close to the colour you want as possible.

Send a sample, sending a sample of your hair is the most effective way for a wig specialist to find the closest match to your natural hair colour. We will provide you with more information on sending hair samples by email. Be sure to cut a sample from the top layer of your hair as the underside of your hair is not exposed to sunlight and will therefore be darker than the hair on the outside.

Cross reference, this is a great option for those who are happy with their current wig colour but want to try a different style or designer. A wig specialist will contact you to verify which wig you would like to compare.

Now it's time for the wig specialist to work his magic. Our wig specialist will compare your sample or picture with the available wig colors and select the best match.

Next, the wig specialist will email you a picture of the closest swatch or colour block for your approval. If there are two similar colors, the wig specialist will provide you with more details of each colour and ask you to select the colour you prefer.

You can then ask the wig consultant any questions you may have and approve your colour choice from Kameymall.

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