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How To Clean Dirty Safety Shoes

Apr, 13, 2022

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In life we need to wear shoes according to different environments, such as hiking shoes for climbing, running shoes for running, basketball shoes for playing basketball, etc.. Some environments where there are safety hazards require safety shoes.

Safety shoes are shoes that protect people's feet from many types of external injuries, such as static electricity, chemicals, heavy objects and even sharp objects on the floor. In the market, you can find safety shoes for men and safety shoes for women. And as there are many types of safety shoes, we also need to choose the most suitable safety shoes according to the environment in which we work. For example, on construction sites, workers will be faced with heavy falls and sharp objects piercing the environment. In these environments, workers need to wear toe protection and puncture-resistant safety footwear. However, instead of recommending safety footwear today, let's talk about how to clean safety footwear.

safety shoes
How to clean safety shoes?

For dirty safety shoes, we should first use a brush with some water to clean the surface, if it is a leather type of shoe, then we should use a sponge with warm water to clean it. If there is grease on the surface, then we need to use a leather cleaner and a nylon brush to clean the surface. For the lining of the shoe, use a damp cloth to wipe it clean to avoid the salt of the sweat that can quickly enter the capillaries of the leather through the lining and damage the leather tissue, making it dry and cracked.

If it is a brushed leather or non-leather safety shoes, first of all, wait for the shoes to dry, use a brush to brush away the surface of the floating ash, and then use the water repellent for treatment, do not use shoe polish.

If the cleaning of the mesh safety shoes long relatively simple, only need to use a shoe brush with some water and then dip soap in the mesh and sole repeatedly cleaned two or three times can be.

All safety shoes should be dried at room temperature, as leather is easily damaged, deformed, bent, dried out and burst, so do not put the shoes near a heat source or in the sun.


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