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Bikini Culture Boom

Dec, 24, 2021

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As soon as sexy bikini fever spread, it impacted the mass culture and moral concepts of the whole world. From the 1950s to the 1960s, the beaches of the United States have become a place loved and yearned for by everyone, because there are not only sunshine, beaches, and charming sea, but also the unprecedented sexiness displayed by bikinis on the beach. Our bodies are constantly revolutionary. The beauty of the lines of women's figures has attracted much attention. People have become more and more demanding in terms of the aesthetics of the body. The round body lines are regarded as unhealthy and dull. Only a thin body as steel bars and strong muscles can be recognized, and the transformation of bathing suits also depends on the body. Therefore, today's bikini has become the mainstay of bathing suits, and one-piece bathing suits have long been left out of fashion, It seems that bikini can only be favored by turning into four triangular Fig. cloths. We seem to like to show our bodies more and more - of course, this is a beautiful thing. Otherwise, how can people pay attention to their bodies?

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The topless bikini designed by Rudi in 1964 showed an adventure of lust under the pressure of high industrialization and opened fire on the fortress of public ethics (Cole) introduced a swimsuit with a fishing net to cover the front chest and waist. The bikini dress style, by fully expressing the beautiful curve of the human body, reveals the warm, unrestrained, and eternal youthful vitality of passion, making the American healthy, fit and brown body a natural dew and symbol of beauty. "Bikini tells us that the most beautiful thing in life is freedom", this popular buzzword made some western countries have a sexy beach culture.
Top swimming and nude swimming are accepted by more and more people in the world, although few people take this way of swimming.
The revolution of swimming suits is approaching maturity. With the great changes in the past 20 or 30 years, only the invention of new materials makes the function of the swimming suit more perfect. If you want to try bikinis, please register at Kameymall to pick one!

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