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an air track for fitness improving

Mini Air Tracks For Fitness Improving (Part 1)

Jun, 16, 2022

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Level 2 students begin the initial development of strength in various areas such as grip strength, wrist strength and upper limb strength, improving balance and spatial and temporal perceptual experience of movement, based on the development of physical qualities such as flexibility, agility and speed. The mini air track is designed to improve wrist strength and upper body strength.

The mini air tumble track can be used as a teaching aid to improve the physical fitness of the students. In the next series of articles I will show you how to use the mini air tracks to improve your students' physical fitness.

air track
Open and Close Mat Game

Rules: Students are divided into two groups and stand on one side of an air track mat. One group of students folds the mat normally and the other group folds it. The losing student receives a "reward".

Design intention: Use the properties of the air track mat to play games, to further motivate students, to create a cheerful atmosphere in class, to increase student participation, and to play a role in moving the shoulder joints.

Equipment: Make use of the "open and close" properties of the air track mat to play the game.

Caution: Pay attention to safety during the game and avoid collisions.

Straight arm support, mat on mat off exercise

Rules: Students support themselves on the mat with straight arms, and according to the rhythm of the command, they support themselves on both sides of the mat with their left and right hands respectively in 1-2 beats, and then revert to support in 3-4 beats. Students with stronger upper limbs can brace their left and right hands on both sides of the mat at the same time for 1-2 beats, and return to support for 3-4 beats.
Design intent: Use the softness of the air track mat to wake up the upper limb support strength and also to exercise the students' balance ability. Two types of exercises are designed for the difference in students' abilities to achieve the exercise effect together.

Equipment: Use the height difference of the air track mat to fully move the shoulder joints and strengthen the upper limb strength exercises.

Note: Remind students to pay attention to the cushioning of their elbows when holding their hands on the ground to avoid injuries.


In fact, if you want to do the above exercises at home, I suggest you come to Kameymall and buy some air track mats, because with them you will be able to practice with your cousins at home. Also, once you have exhausted the air from this mat, it can be folded into a small piece and placed in a wardrobe, under the bed, etc. for added convenience.

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