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Differentiate Human Hair And Synthetic Wigs

Mar, 16, 2022

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Wigs are becoming more and more common in our lives today. Wearing a wig boosts our self-confidence, enables us to try out a variety of hairstyles without damaging our hair and can make us look more stylish. If you buy high quality human hair wigs, you can also shower, exercise, swim and even sleep with your wig on just like your natural hair. As you know, there are two types of wigs depending on the material, human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. Today we will talk about how to differentiate between them.

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How to distinguish two kinds of wigs

Human hair wigs are easy to judge, since real hair does not smell like plastic when burned, while fibre hair wigs smell like plastic when burned. Real hair is smoother to the touch, whereas fibre hair wigs are very slippery to the touch. Furthermore, real hair wigs can be permed and dyed, while fibre hair wigs cannot be coloured, and cannot be curled. Chemical fiber and high temperature wire is lighter and brighte. Chemical fiber can be seen at a glance. Here we mainly talk about high temperature wire. High-temperature wire is very light, and will be scorched during less than six months, while real hair can be used repeatedly.


High-end wig brands are just like real hair. Good human hair wigs must meet the following conditions: first, made of 100% real hair, second, purely handmade tailor-made, third, making hair styles in the shop directly. But also note that because this high-end wig is a pair of individual design, so the wig price is not calculated by the top, but according to the size of the wig area.


Pick up human hair wigs for yourself

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