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The Difference Between Trampoline And Air Track

Jun, 06, 2022

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The air track was originally a multifunctional air cushion for fun, exercise and training. These are widely used in parkour, gymnastics and other sports. You can add air to make it more like a spring floor, or take it away to provide a softer landing. It is similar to trampoline. Do you know the differences between them?

Differences between air track and trampoline

When we choose a product, safety is always one of the most important things we should consider. Security is one of the biggest differences between air track mat and trampoline. According to the Huffpost, trampolines caused more than 1million injuries between 2002 and 2011. Of these injuries, 300000 suffered fractures, of which 92.7 per cent were children under the age of 16. These injuries are usually caused by falling height, springs and poor maintenance. The air track is usually 4-8 inches from the ground, has no springs, and is easy to maintain.

In many sports, such as parkour and gymnastics, the ability to control the resistance that the floor gives you is very helpful. When you start a technique that gives you a soft landing, you can start with less air, and then when you have more confidence in the technique, you can add more air, so it will eventually look like a suitable spring floor. With a trampoline, you have a setup, and you don't have the ability to practice a real game or performance.

When you invest in something like a track or trampoline, you want it to be worth every penny. Because of its size and weight, the capacity of trampoline is limited; You can use them in your backyard or trampoline park. An air track is very portable, you can also take it anywhere: to friends' homes, beaches, etc. You must also consider maintenance. Trampolines are not only time-consuming to clean, but also expensive to repair if parts are damaged.Cleaning and maintaining the air track is as easy as quickly wiping the mat with soapy water; If an accident occurs and the air track needs maintenance, we have an affordable maintenance package that provides a simple and permanent solution.

air track mat

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