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different green gymnastics air track mats

Pick Different Green Air Track Mat

Jul, 25, 2022

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Do you want to practice yoga comfortably? A gymnastic mat is a must-have item for doing exercise at home, so how to choose the right gymnastic mat? In fact, the biggest key is the material, because the material affects the mat's slip resistance and support, etc.


At the same time, we should also regularly clean and maintain the air track mat, so as to avoid the breeding of bacteria, but also to extend its service life.

inflatable gymnastics air floor

How to clean the mat

It is recommended to wipe it directly with water. Also note that the frequency of wiping should not be too frequent, otherwise it will ruin the air track mat. Wipe it thick and air dry it. Some special mats will be marked so that they can be cleaned in the washing machine again, but most of them are not allowed to do so.

Thickness selection

If you are a beginner, it is recommended to choose a 20cm mat, which can protect you well, and if you are already at an intermediate to advanced level, then you can choose a thinner 10cm mat, which can make your movement more flexible and stable. It is worth celebrating that the air track mat is very good in terms of slip resistance and grip, even if you practice more difficult exercises, you do not have to worry about the body slipping due to the air track mat shifting.



Material is the most important concern, generally speaking, TPE mats are the most environmentally friendly, but because of the higher price leads to most people will not be these material mats as the first choice. PVC foam mats are cheap and good quality and good at the same time. This also makes the PVC material mats become the best-selling style on the market.


Specific styles

If you like forest-like green, then look at this one! Its color is a very vibrant green and the overall style is very lively. It also offers four sizes for you to choose from, all with a thickness of 0.2m. It's relatively thick and can give you plenty of protection when you're exercising. Buy this one, you will definitely be the very special one. Give yourself a chance to try it out.


Where to buy

Please visit Kameymall to buy mats!

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