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If You Want To Make Bikini Waxing, Look Here!

Apr, 28, 2022

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In this hot summer, must have beach and bikini suitable, otherwise summer is incomplete, but wearing sexy bikini, but often because of a few "hair" problem and draw unnecessary embarrassment! Therefore, in life, some beauty lovers in order to show the body without worries, will do bikini waxing, so what is bikini waxing?  

What is bikini waxing?  

Before you wear bikini swimsuits, do bikini waxing surgery is based on laser hair removal mechanism of field, through the reasonable adjust the laser wavelength, energy, pulse width, the laser can be through the skin surface to the root of the hair follicles, hair follicle and hair shaft melanin selectively absorb light energy, and the resulting thermal effect makes the hair follicles necrosis, making hair loss and regeneration, so as to achieve the purpose of the site without hair.  


Pros and cons of bikini waxing  

Advantages: surgery lasting hair removal, after a course of treatment can basically say goodbye to thick hair, not only will not damage the skin, but also can make pores thin, make the skin appearance smooth, the treatment process is comfortable, basically no recovery period, small trauma, good effect, maintain a long time.  

Disadvantages: There will be a slight pain during the operation. If the body is sensitive, the pain may be more obvious, and if the patient is hairy, it may need multiple treatments to achieve better results.  

Bikini waxing taboo crowd  

Bikini waxing doesn't mean you want to do, you can do this kind of people can't do, such as people, have a history of keloid people with hepatitis, syphilis, skin infections, blood disease and blood coagulation system obstacles, recent vasodilation drugs, the crowd arthralgia drug resistance, the skin is thin, the crowd of varicose veins, etc.  

Precautions before bikini hair removal  

  1. Try to avoid sunlight and use sunscreen when going out.  

2, the body hair is shaved or cut off, if you can make the body hair on the skin surface with about 1 mm hair effect is better.  

  1. Skin must be prepared and the hair in the depilation area must be thoroughly shaved.  

4, one week to half a month, can not remove the need to remove hair parts of the body, so as not to affect the treatment effect.  

Kameymall reminds you that, waxing for bikini is not 100% percent healthy and good for you. Please be aware that do what you can and consider your situations, don’t make yourself damaged.


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