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What Are Versatile The Tumble Mats?

Oct, 31, 2022

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Tumble mats have been widely used in martial arts clubs, taekwondo gyms, and they have replaced the traditional sponge mats because of the unique features. With a tumble mat, you can start your daily workout plan at home without any time.

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Tumble mat, what are the unique advantages of it?

As a bouncy and soft mat, tumble mat comes in many unique advantages. It is made of PVC, The inner layer of the tumble mat is made of imported high-strength brushed cloth, which is 0.4mm thicker than ordinary materials, and the drawing distance is tight. It is more durable and softer than ordinary air cushions. It is finely crafted by hand, with pure hand-wrapping, so it is waterproof enough that can be used on the

The wide applications of tumble mat
Tumble mat can be inflated and deflated, which is quite widely used nowadays. You can use it to practice taekwondo, gymnastics, dancing, and so forth. Many martial arts clubs and taekwondo clubs use our inflatable mats to substitute the traditional sponge mats, for it is more convenient to employ our products. It is quite simple for you to pack it up, which is very proper for home-floor usage. This is also one reason for the popularity of tumble mats.

When you want to use it to do exercise after a day’s work or in your spare time, you can put it on the floor and inflate it as you like. When you desire to put it away, you can deflate it, which will not occupy much space in your home.

Why do you buy an tumble mat in Kameymall?
Do you decide to buy an tumble mat for home use? For example, you can use it to practice Yoga or transform it into a good assistant for kid’s gymnastic training. Welcome to Kameymall and choose a proper tumble mat for yourself.


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