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Precautions For Shopping And Wearing Bikini

Jan, 13, 2022

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This article introduces Kameymall something we should know before wearing a sexy bikini.

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Content of spandex yarn

The international standard of spandex content is about 18%. For better swimsuits, one is to reach 18% spandex content.

A good swimsuit should have a very tight tension. Of course, the greater the elasticity, the better, but the better the rebound recovery. It's good to be able to return to the original after repeated stretching. It's also necessary to feel good. Note that swimsuits are not as expensive as possible.

Style and decor
The style and color of the swimsuit are also indispensable choices for everyone, which mainly depends on your personal preferences.

Be dressed in
Before launching, wet the sexy bikini with clean water and let the swimsuit absorb clean water, so as to prevent the chemicals in the swimming pool or minerals in the seawater from being absorbed by the swimsuit and damaging the swimsuit. Put on your swimsuit before applying sunscreen. After swimming, wash your body first and then take off your swimsuit. If you are not in a hurry, you should immediately wash your swimsuit with clean water and deal with it in the above way immediately after you go home. Do not put wet swimsuits in plastic bags, handbags, or suitcases for too long. After each swimming, wash your body with a shower, wash your swimsuit with soap and dry it in the sun. Borrowed or rented swimsuits are unsanitary and easy to cause the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and infectious diseases. Don't put on your swimsuit when it hasn't dried.

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