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Thank You, Air Track Mat!

Jul, 04, 2022

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Hi everyone, I am a female student from China who has just finished her university entrance exams. I will soon be entering university and I would like to use this summer break of nearly three months to learn a talent. I want to learn to dance because I think girls in glamorous jumpers and dancing on stage are very beautiful and popular.

However, there is a huge problem for me to learn to dance, as my family is in a rural area and there is no dance studio nearby. So, I had to learn at home. Luckily, a friend recommended the air track mat to me and that solved my problem. Since then, I have been following online classes.

airtrack home
What air track mat did I buy?

When I talk about the air track mat you will be confused, what is it? Actually, the air track mat is one of the gymnastic mats we see in the gym, but it is an inflatable mat. When we need to use it, we inflate it with an inflator pump and it fills up in a matter of seconds.
Do you see the air track mat in the picture above? That's the one I bought. It is a rectangular mat that is 4 metres long, 2 metres wide and 0.1 metres thick. The front of the mat is a dark blue colour with three white stripes, which is very nice. Usually THE AIR TRACK MAT is longer and only 1 metre wide, but I purchased one that was two metres wide as I felt that the mat I mentioned earlier was not very suitable for dance practice.

I am very grateful for it

I am really grateful for the air track mat as I can learn to dance at home by following the extensive online lessons. I will also continue my studies at university.
It's perfect for home use. Firstly, it doesn't take up much space at all. Once I have drained it of gas and folded it into small pieces, I will put it on the counter. Secondly, it can be used at home not only for dance practice but also for my brother to bounce and play on.


I decided to make a recommendation for this shop, Kameymall, because I am happy with the product. If you want to buy the same air track mat as I did, you can come to this shop. Right now they are having a sale on air track mats that were originally priced at $390, but now they are only selling them for $292.

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