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Fun Air Track Teaching Plan

Feb, 09, 2022

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Design Intention

Air Track Pro
Air Tracks are made of imported PVC double-sided special raw materials, approved by environmental protection and anti-aging test. And after the gas is deflated, it can be rolled up, light weight and does not occupy space.
In the previous period, the children have used air tracks to complete tumbling, crawling and other related sports, and they were very happy to finish the game. How should they be played? In this activity, the children explore different ways to play, using the air tracks for comprehensive exercise.
What’s more, they can experience the fun of cooperative games. This physical activity combines exploration, cooperation, and fun, allowing the children to develop in a balanced way by combining physical and intellectual strength.

Activity expectations
1.Cultivate children's sense of cooperation, developing children's ability to play cooperatively in two persons.
2.Develop children's upper limb strength, enhancing children's coordination in sports, to develop their brave will quality;
3.Children are willing to try a variety of ways to play with one kind of equipment.

Activity content
Tractor game: This game is to develop kids' upper limb strength, enhancing the coordination of kids in sports, and to cultivate their brave will quality.
Game steps:
(1) One child dragging empty air track to experience dragging fun.
(2) Two groups of children to explore on their own, the teacher respectively to guide and help.
(3) Kids learn safety norms about action that are explored.
(4) Tractor race.


After sharing this gymnastic mat teaching plan, I still want to highlight that the safety and quality of the air track is extremely important when your students are using it.
So, please make sure safety, then why not know more about Kameymall and buy some tracks for your excellent lessons from here?

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