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Wig Lovers Must-Know Things For Wearing

May, 07, 2022

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As a wig seller, one of the happiest things you can do is to give your customers value for money.  As the rise of right quality of life now, common people accept to wig degree also rises gradually.  Therefore, when buying a wig for daily wear, the first requirement that often comes to mind is "realistic and beautiful", so most businesses will indicate human hair wig when promoting, but the price is very different.  

Where did all this hair come from?  

The hair that domestic human hair wigs use are qualitative by tall arrive low in turn is divided roughly braid hair, smooth hair, bubble hair, send for person likewise, the hair body of different grade uses life and price to also can have bigger difference naturally now.  


Here are also some answers to the daily questions:  

Hair sources fall into two broad categories  

Hair salon  

Many girls cut their long hair into short hair and leave the cut hair for hair salons, which collect the hair and sell it to some factories for processing.  This kind of hair sends qualitative uneven, length is differ, all sorts of doping catch the hair silk that is damaged after very hot processing, because this whole quality is not tall.  

Professional acquisition  

I don't know if you have ever heard of vendors Shouting "Cut your hair! Cut your long hair!" (cough, revealing your age) on the roadside when you were young.  Small friends living in cities may not be able to hear it now, many county seats and some ethnic minority women in the south still have the habit of keeping long hair, so professional hair vendors will sell and recycle from street to village.  Large hair products enterprises will also dispatch professionals to the local acquisition to ensure the source of hair quality.  


Of course, the same hair, is also divided into grades, not hot dyed girl braided hair is especially popular, this kind of hair hair coarse straight, feel smooth, made by this kind of hair hair durable, hot dyed after the hair will not become dry, so the price of braided hair is the highest in the whole wig industry.  

Last words

However, Kameymall understands that braids are increasingly in demand as users become more aware of wigs.  Hair is a renewable resource, but the natural growth rate is slow, it is difficult to keep up with the process of market demand growth, the price is also rising.  Accordingly, partial businessman chooses shoddy to maintain price competitiveness, want to buy good hair qualitative wig so, must choose the brand that has credit and visibility.  

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