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Don’t Throw Them Away!Your Shoes Can Live Longer

Jun, 04, 2022

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For the labor protection shoes that workers often wear, the preservation method is also very important. When collective preservation, the name, quantity and other information of the labor protection articles stored should be marked accurately and conspicuously outside the storage place, and it is convenient to ensure access and inventory. Personal preservation should also pay attention to ventilation safety.

What is the maintenance method of safe shoe and notice?

1. For enterprises or workshops with conditions, it is recommended to give employees two pairs of safety shoes for women, so that they can be replaced with each other and prolong the life of safety shoes.
2. The insole of safety shoes should be placed in the correct position when using. At the same time, if you need to replace the insoles after a long time of wear, it is recommended to replace the insoles of the same brand and model.
3. Use a soft brush or a damp cloth to clean the contaminated shoes. If necessary, use a brush or a damp cloth to clean the shoes with soap or detergent. Cleaning and maintenance process to avoid the use of hard brush or direct water or detergent cleaning. After cleaning the safety shoes, place them in a ventilated and dry place to dry immediately, avoid using hot hair dryer or dryer. After the surface of safety shoes is dry, special shoe polish can be used to extend the service life of shoes and avoid shoe leather cracking.
4. The uppers of safety shoes are generally on line or glue process, so safety shoes can not be used as rain boots, can not be soaked in water for a long time, otherwise it will lead to safety shoes degumming and shorten its life.
5. Not only the surface of the safety shoes and around the upper need to be cleaned and maintained, but also the bottom of the shoes need to be cleaned regularly to avoid the accumulation of dirt. Because a lot of grime will affect the anti-static function of safety shoes, but also reduce its anti-skid performance.
6. In addition, if there is no safety shoes for use out of the box, the general protective performance will be effective within three years under normal storage environment, and the specific effective time will be calculated according to the production date on the tongue of the shoes as the starting time.

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