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Protect Own Security In Safety Shoes

Mar, 31, 2022

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What are safety shoes? What are differences between safety shoes and usual shoes? Maybe some younger people are not family with them. Safety shoes worn in different workplaces for the purpose of protecting the feet and legs from foreseeable injury, are widely used and also very popular among workers in various industries. These are reasons why Kameymall recommend this shoes to workers.

waterproof steel toe hiking boots

Protect your own security

Employees can choose safety shoes with specific functions to protect their own safety according to their work environment. Common types are as follows:

Toe cap or toe cap & midsole or composite:widely used for feet protection, mainly in construction, machinery, mining, metallurgy, transportation industries, etc.

Non-metallic:a kind of electrically insulated safety shoes which can minimize therisk of electric shock during live working.

Anti-static:mainly suitable for those working in petroleum, chemical, coal mining, printing, rubber, medical, purification, electronics industries to prevent all statichazards such as burning and explosion caused by static electricity in human bodies.

Heat resistant:able to protect the feet from burns and punctures caused by hightemperature liquids, and mainly applied in metallurgy and casting industries.

Waterproof:for the workplace where water is accumulated or water has beensplashing into the floor.

Slip resistant:designed to prevent accidents caused by slipping of operators.

Chemical resistant:to avoid chemical damage to the feet, suitable for electroplating, pickling, electrolysis or liquid distribution workers and chemical operators.

Purchase a pair of safety shoes from Kameymall
Do you need such a pair of safety shoes and wear them to protect your own security at workplace. Would you like to enjoy more styles of them? Welcome to Kameymall, a huge shopping website where you can pick up various kinds of fantastic products with high quality, exquisite designs and favorable prices, including safety shoes for women.

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