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Our Air Track

Jan, 04, 2022

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You might have seen people hoping and performing different gymnastic feats on the surface which saves them from being injured. Well, that is called an air track that is widely used for jumping, tumbling, and honing gymnastic skills. Experts also say that these air tracks can considerably enhance your health and make you strong. Basically, Air track is sort of a rectangular and soft landing surface that comes in different sizes, colors, and thicknesses to support smooth landing and jumping.

airtrack pro


Apart from being available in various colors, sizes, and different thicknesses, the Air track has other features also which are as follows:

1-Carrying handles:

One of the best features it has is that it contains handles that are used to position according to your ease. Moreover, these handles will help you move them easily from one place to another without much tedium.

2-Dual Valves:

These dual valves help to the air pressures thus allowing you to regulate the pressure in the Air track for people of varying weights.

3-Splicing features:

Generally, these tracks come with the size of 90-115cm, which cannot be ample to perform some specific activities. Therefore, these splicing features help to connect more mats side by side, thereby enhancing its capacity.

They are made up of different materials like PVC plastic, Double wall, and Rail tape. These materials make them strong, sturdy, and durable. As a result of these traits, they protect your body even from minute injuries.



Air-tracks are mostly in Gymnastics, Sports and whether they be amateurs or professionals, they used them for hoping jumping, cheerleaders and parkour enthusiasts, and karate fighters. Some people are also using air tracks for recreation purposes like basking in the sun while lying on these tracks.


If you are looking for a perfect Air track that is durable, efficient, and sturdy, you should outreach Kameymall. This online store specializes in selling top-notch quality air tracks in different sizes and colors. So, wait no further, just visit the website and choose the best for yourself.

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