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Thinking About Bikinis

May, 02, 2022

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If you're like most people you need to save your hard earned money and if you're like me you have a shopping addiction for thong bikinis, micro bikinis and sheer bikinis. You can't spend $100 on a bikini top and another $100 on a thong bikini bottom, let alone more than that! So, where can you buy a super trendy bikini? So where can you buy a super trendy, high quality, eco-friendly, reasonably priced thong bikini? Read on and find out.

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Places you can't buy on-trend, affordable and eco-friendly thong bikinis

If you're looking for cheap bikini swimsuits, you have plenty of options. Also, their bikinis are made in large overseas factories and are of poor quality and in my opinion, they are usually ugly and not on trend. They also don't use eco-friendly recycled fabrics.
Some of my favourite mall brands like Zara, Mango and H&M offer a bunch of bikinis that are reasonably priced and more fashionable and on trend than the discount shops, but thong bikinis don't make up a large part of their merchandise and micro bikinis definitely aren't, nor are sheer bikinis. Also, like the discounters, their products are mass produced and of very low quality, and their clothes are not made from recyclable and eco-friendly fabrics.

Next we have smaller eco-friendly clothing and swimwear brands. However, they are usually very expensive and they are not affordable. Also, they don't offer thong bikinis or if they do, they have very little variety. Miniature bikinis and sheer bikinis are also not offered.

Then there are luxury designer brands such as Gucci and Versace. They offer high quality materials, they may be popular but unaffordable and their selection of thong bikinis is very small.


Next we have talk about cheap copycat companies such as Shein or Zaful. Their quality is rubbish, their products don't fit properly and their products are not environmentally friendly. Finally, their products are shipped and are often lost in the mail or never delivered, and even when they do arrive, they may be the wrong product or size, so good luck getting a refund or exchange. Buyers should be careful about doing business with cheap online shops. So if you couldn’t believe the quality, you had better choose Kameymall where there are so many bikinis with the best quality.

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