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Healthy lifestyle (Chapter 1)

Dec, 22, 2021

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In the next few articles, Kameymall will introduce a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle refers to habitual behavior beneficial to health. We must adapt to society, people should also be harmonious with the environment, have a healthy outlook on life and world outlook, look at things in the world in two, and straighten out our position in social life.

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The core of a healthy lifestyle

The core of healthy lifestyle management is to develop good living habits. For a long time, people have made a series of health plans by themselves, which are consciously implemented by the executors with perseverance. Because they are boring and difficult to adhere to, most of them give up halfway. With the rise of the mobile Internet, the management methods of a healthy lifestyle have also changed. A series of mobile Internet health management tools provide a lot of convenience for people, making the cultivation of lifestyle more interesting and people more dynamic,
The World Health Organization has summarized the factors affecting health as follows:
Health = 60% lifestyle + 15% genetic factors + 10% social factors + 8% medical factors + 7% climatic factors.
It can be seen that healthy lifestyle management is the most important strategy in emerging personal health management. A healthy lifestyle needs to be cultivated, and the initiative of cultivation lies in people themselves. The concept of lifestyle management is to emphasize that individuals are responsible for their own health. At the same time, exercise is also very necessary. It will let you have a strong who let you carry. The air track can protect you from injury in sports.

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