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physics air track experiment from Kameymall

A Small Mat With A Big Use

Jul, 28, 2022

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The folding gymnastics mat is a common piece of physical education equipment. With the improvement of teachers' professional quality and the emphasis on equipment and research, the functions of the gymnastics mat have been developed and utilized continuously, not only to achieve "one thing for many uses", but also to "one thing for all purposes".

As long as every teacher is willing to use their brains and be creative, the small air tumble track will play a big energy, so that the physical education classroom is full of vitality. The author on the use of small gymnastics mats over the years to help classroom teaching some practices to share with your colleagues.

Basic movement exercises

In a group of 2 students, 1 student holds the mat horizontally with both hands, while the other student does a jump with the left leg and kicks the mat with the right leg while the left leg swings up to do the kick, i.e. two consecutive kicks with the straight leg. This action allows the practitioner to intuitively feel the sensation of the feet "kicking the mat", which can better prevent the students from kicking out of place, bending the legs, or even bending the legs backwards during the high jump, thus allowing the students to directly comprehend the correct movement of the legs on the bar, while also allowing them to feel the height of the kick.

When you are practising, 2 students should work well together, the student holding the mat should hold the height well and the student kicking the mat should point to the end and not use too much force to prevent danger. It’s so hilarious that there is a kind of mint green air track mat which is in the picture from Kameymall.

Small Air track Product
If you like to this color you can have a try. It has white surfaces and light mint green sides, this color combination explain a sense of clean and hope. If you are frustrated, this color could relieve your stress and make your eyes to see the problem clearly. What’s more, the size of this mint air track mat is 7M X 1M X 0.1M. Being similar with other air track mats, the air track mat from Kameymall has some advantages, such as easy to carry, water resistance and so on. But you should buy the air pump separately if you need.

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