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How To Choose Right Safety shoes

Jan, 15, 2022

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Workers spend most of their time on work, so how to keep comfortable is vital for their daily work. Before you order a pair of safety shoes online or in offline shopping mall, Kameymall gives you the following methods to help you get the best fit.

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The structure of human foot

The human foot contains a quarter of the human skeleton. Apart from 26 bones, it also contains "33 joints, 19 muscles, 10 tendons and 107 ligaments." Moreover, the foot works as the second heart of the human body, so proper support for it is essential.

By saving enough space around the toes and making sure that the heel is firm and stable in the shoe, then giving proper support to the arch of the foot, stress and foot fatigue can be minimized.


Our advice

Are you still looking for a pair of safety shoes that fit your feet? We advise you to consult an expert before shopping, since this is the best way to help you get the fittest safety shoes.


Ask experts for help

As about 60% of people have one foot larger than the other, it is necessary to measure both feet to determine the difference in foot structure and length. By determining the difference in foot size, experts can provide a size that fits the larger of the two, thus ensuring overall comfort.

Determine carefully if your arch is high, low or not. Everyone varies in arch, resulting in different shoe support requirements. Proper support can reduce foot pain and increase comfort because it can evenly distribute pressure.

Share your daily life. In the process of consulting an expert, you will not only discuss your work, but also your physical activities at work, how to transport heavy objects, walk or stand for a long time. These information will help them choose the right type of support you need.


Choose your own safety shoes
After determining your size, welcome to Kameymall and choose the right shoes for you, safety shoes for women are the main style in our mall.

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