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cheap 3m home air track mat

Air Tracks Delighted Me And My Daughter

Jul, 07, 2022

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Today, my daughter told me that she wants to learn Taekwondo because she wants to have all the skills to protect herself like the heroines in the TV series. She said that if she learns Taekwondo, then she will not only be able to protect herself, but also her mother. The childish tone and content reflected her naivety as a child, but I still expected her to be happy and supported her fully.

air track

I purchased an air track

Do you see the picture above? This is the item I was looking at after hearing about my daughter's idea. There are three brightly coloured mats piled up in the picture. The mat is an air track mat and the mat in the picture is 3 metres long and 1 metre wide, which is ideal for use at home. 0.2 metres is thick enough to protect my child from injury when practising Taekwondo.
My child was very excited once she got this product as the air track mat is very soft and bouncy, so she loves to lie on it and even uses it as a trampoline to play with. For me, the mat is also very handy as it is inflatable. If I want to put it away, it's nice to let all the air out.


What I'm looking forward to

On the third day after I received the air track, my child really followed the taekwondo online class on the iPad with great style. I am very happy to see this because Taekwondo has so many benefits. Firstly, it is a great way to build up the body, increase immunity, increase cardio and strengthen the body. Secondly, it is very good for the child's mental health. By exercising in Taekwondo, children can release excess energy from their bodies, making them sunny, outgoing and lively. Then, long-term exercise increases the muscle mass of the organism and shapes the body, making the child taller and more energetic. Finally, the moderate increase in activity has some preventive effect on myopia. I expect her to grow up healthy and happy.



My friend asked me about where I bought the mat and she said she wanted one for her child too. So I simply wrote my share as a soft diary-like article and posted it online. I got it at Kameymall, a shop that is having a sale right now, and I remember buying this mat for close to $50 less than the market price.

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