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blue air track mat for yoga

What Is The New Type Of Yoga Mat?

Jul, 06, 2022

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Yoga is a 5,000 year old physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India and aims to improve your body and mind. 21 June was declared International Yoga Day by the General Assembly on 11 December 2014 and the first International Yoga Day on 21 June was held in 2015. Yoga is divided into two main categories: classical yoga and modern yoga, which now also includes orthodox yoga. A proper and scientific yoga practice can also improve poor standing and sitting posture and improve the shape of the body. People who practise yoga for a long time will have a better figure. Yoga can beautify curves and prevent sagging problems. Yoga can help to improve the muscularity of the body. It has a certain body shaping effect. It can make the hips more playful and the legs slimmer.


So, do you want to become more toned or have a better physique and body shape? If you want to start practising yoga, or if you want to change your mat, I have a new mat for you today, the air track mat.


What is an air track mat?

Do you see the blue mat in the picture above? This is the air track mat and if you were asked what the difference is between it and a traditional mat, you would probably say that it looks better than a traditional mat or that it has two more handles than a traditional yoga mat. You'd be right on all counts. However, the biggest difference between the two mats is that THE AIR TRACK MAT is inflatable, which makes it easy for the user to store or carry it around, just by deflating it all. The mat pictured is 3 metres long, 1 metre wide and 10 centimetres high and is perfect for allowing you to practice yoga at home.


This mat takes you from indoors to outdoors

If you want to take your yoga mat to the grass in the park on a sunny winter day or a breezy spring day, the air track mat is also your best option. As we mentioned above, it's very easy to carry when you've taken all the air out of it.

And, not only does it allow you to practice on the grass, it can even take you to the pool. That's right, as an inflatable mat it can carry you through your exercises on the water as if you were sitting on a boat.



If you want to buy this special mat mentioned above, now is the perfect time to do so because at Kameymall you can now get this amazing mat for $40 less than usual.


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