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Home news Product If You Want To Learn Front Tumbling (Part 1)
air track at home for tumbling

If You Want To Learn Front Tumbling (Part 1)

Jun, 29, 2022

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How to train front rolls, we exercise at the right time is more conducive to promote blood circulation, in our daily exercise, long-term non-exercise may make our body function decline, sports exercise is also a lot of methods, and I look at how to train front rolls knowledge.

air track
Step 1: Find an open area and prepare a mat

You will need a comfortable mat, a gymnastics school floor, or a floor with mats. If you do your front tumbling on a hard surface like a wooden floor, you are more likely to injure your head and neck.

I would like to remind you in particular that if you practice front tumbling at home, I would recommend that you get yourself an air tumble track mat, which is most suitable for use at home. Firstly, the most important thing you need to consider when laying out the mat at home is the storage of the mat, as there is usually not that much space at home and when the air track is fully pumped out it can be folded into a very small piece for easy storage.

Step 2: Full stretch

It is important to fully stretch before performing any gymnastic movement. In the case of the forward roll, there are several body parts that should be stretched before starting the exercise in order to avoid spraining muscles or other sports injuries:

Stretching the legs. Sit down with your legs straight out and touch your ankles with your arms to stretch the back of your thighs and calves and your back.

Ankle wraps. Sit down, grab the top of the ankle and loop the ankle in one direction several times, then change direction and do the same with the other ankle.

Wrist stretch. Touch your hands and knees to the floor so that your fingers are facing your legs, not your back. Move your palms down and back and forth slightly, then turn them over and face upwards, with your fingers still facing your feet.

Neck stretch. Move your head from left to right and nod as if you were nodding your head. Move up and down, turning the head clockwise a few times and then counterclockwise a few times to finish the neck stretch with this movement.

Step 3: Stand up straight

Stand up straight with your arms raised, arms at your ears and palms slightly outwards. Keep your legs together, your back slightly bent and look straight ahead. This is the classic preparation position for gymnastics. If you find it easier to start directly from the floor, you can skip this preparation position and start directly on the mat.


If you want to buy an air track and start practising front tumbling at home, I recommend you come and have a look at Kameymall. In my next article, I will continue to share with you the tumbling exercises.

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