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Wanna Buy Wigs? Do You Know How Much It Will Cost?

Mar, 08, 2022

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Human Hair Wigs, after all, are a beauty product. Value includes the cost of goods plus added value. Wig cost has labor cost (handwork cost), material cost (hair quality and low net), which handwork cost accounted for the majority. Because in high-end wig, rely on artificial hand to weave completely, the more delicate, the more time-consuming, cost nature is high. The added value is branding, after-sales service, store location, rent, promotion and so on. Wigs also come in many categories, so prices naturally range from five to double figures. Buy wig, see oneself utility first, want clear purpose namely.  

human hair wig

Who needs wigs

Scar alopecia, fat shedding alopecia, hair loss caused by disease or treatment, thinning hair, people who rely on image, people who care about beauty and appearance, cospalys, gray hair, etc. Different people need different types of wigs. Some need covers, some hair blocks, some bangs. Therefore, buying on demand is the absolute truth. Practicality is what you should consider when considering your price range.  

So how do I choose a wig that fits me?  

First measure head circumference: first from the forehead through the ear, to the back of the head for a week;  And then from the top of the ear over the top of the head to the top of the other ear.  This will measure the circumference of your head.

Next see choice hair qualitative: above summary mentions chemical fiber silk, real person hair silk, mixed silk.  Chemical fiber is divided into high temperature silk and normal temperature silk, protein silk. COSPALY lovers like it with rich colors and varied shapes. But belong to consumable, use two or three times to waste. High temperature wire theoretically does not exceed 160℃, will not make high temperature wire deformation (in practical application, according to the different production process of high temperature wire, the theoretical temperature resistance between 100℃~160℃).  Under a certain temperature, can be ironed, easy to care and preserve.  Normal temperature silk easy deformation, not easy to take care of, high temperature resistance, belonging to flammable goods. Protein silk joins protein in chemical fiber silk, the material that is closest to true hair on lifelike degree and feel.  

It is recommended to go to Kameymall for special customization, according to your head circumference, use habits, hair requirements, Intranet, hair quality customized, more comfortable to use, probably can be used for 3-5 years, under the premise of reasonable cleaning and maintenance.

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