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many inflatable air track for gymnastics

Air Track Mat: A Multifunctional Mat

Jun, 16, 2022

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Air track is a giant inflatable gymnastics mat. The extra air in the mat makes the mat more bouncy than regular mats, allows me to jump higher than usual, and allows me to practice more skills. And this mat is more fun than other mats, and you can practice more movements on it.

Choose the right air track

First of all, you have to choose a correct air track mat that suits you. There are so many types of air tracks in the market that you might not know how to choose the best mat for yourself. I already have some tips for picking an air track mat, and now I'll share them with you. The small mats have a small footprint but not enough space available so I wouldn't recommend buying the small mats. I bought an air track that is 4 meters long and 8 cm thick, which allows me to do various series of jumps on the air track. This mat of mine has Velcro on the side so I can attach the two mats together, which adds to the functionality of my air track. If you are new to gymnastics or sports, I recommend that you buy a small 3m gym mat. This mat is easier to use, and you can also place it indoors so you can exercise at home regardless of the weather outside. As a beginner, you don't need an air track that's too long, because probably you don't need that length. So you can start by choosing a small model of air track, and as your skills improve, you can always sell it and buy a larger one.

Train on air track
If time permits, I try to use the air track once a day. On this air track mat I can not only do yoga, but also some other sports. Improve my motor skills, which will also boost my self-confidence. When I train on the mat, it's mostly gymnastics moves and jumps, but I know a lot of people who also use air tracks for other types of sports such as parkour or martial arts. My friend Mike did a really cool kickboxing move on the air track mat. It looks really impressive compared to what you usually see in kickboxing shows. So this is really something I highly recommend.

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