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Home news Product Some Functions And Rules Of Safety Shoes (Part 1)
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Some Functions And Rules Of Safety Shoes (Part 1)

Jun, 15, 2022

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Do you know anything about safety shoes? I bet you'll confidently tell me that you know them by their name. The reason we wear safety shoes is to protect our feet. And that's true. But let me ask you, do you know what types of safety shoes there are? What are the properties of each type of safety footwear? What are the rules for their use?

In the next two articles, I will talk to you about the properties of several types of safety footwear and their usage specifications to help first time buyers choose the right safety footwear. Especially for women, it is important not to focus on whether safety shoes for women are aesthetically pleasing, but also to understand their performance.

safety shoes

Impact resistance of the bag

The impact test is carried out with a steel impact hammer of specified weight, the height of the gap under the toe of the bag when it is impacted should be less than the specified value, and the toe of the bag should not show any penetrating cracks in the direction of the test axis. It should be noted that the weight, specification, impact height and construction of the hammer differ from country to country and should be differentiated during the actual test.


Puncture resistance

The test machine is fitted with a platen containing a test nail with a truncated tip and a hardness greater than 60 HRC, which is placed on the chassis of the test machine in such a position that the test nail can be pierced through the outsole. Four points are selected for testing on each sole (at least one of which is at the heel), each at a distance of not less than 30 mm from each other and at a distance of more than 10 mm from the edge of the insole. soles with anti-slip blocks should be punctured between the blocks. two of the four points should be tested at a distance of 10-15 mm from the edge line where the flute of the sole is planted. If humidity will affect the results, the sole should be immersed in deionised water at 20°C ± 2°C for 16±1h before testing.



If you would like to learn more about the performance of safety shoes, please stay tuned for our next article. If you want to buy the right safety shoes for you, Kameymall is one of the more reliable shops.

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