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Use Specification Of Safety Shoes

Dec, 31, 2021

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In this article, Kameymall will introduce the maintenance methods and use specifications of safety shoes.

Usage specification

Oil-proof shoes are used in places with oil or oil splashing on the ground; Waterproof shoes are used in workplaces with accumulated water or splashing water on the ground; Cold proof shoes are used to protect the feet of low-temperature workers from frostbite.
Anti puncture shoes are used for sole protection to prevent stabbing by various sharp and hard objects.

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The main function of anti-smashing shoes is to prevent falling objects from damaging the feet. The toe cap of the shoe is made of impact-resistant material.
The main function of steel-making shoes is to prevent scalding and stabbing. They should be able to withstand certain static pressure, temperature, and be nonflammable. These shoes are suitable for smelting, furnace front, cast iron, etc.
In addition to the above, there are some special shoe covers, such as canvas, asbestos, aluminum film shoe covers, etc.
Selection and maintenance of protective shoes. The selection of protective shoes shall be based on the hazardous nature and degree of the working environment. Protective shoes shall have a product certificate and product manual. Before use, read the instructions according to the conditions of use, and the use method should be correct. Special protective shoes should be checked and kept clean after use and stored in a pollution-free and dry place.
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