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Function And Use Of Safety Shoes

Dec, 31, 2021

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Safety shoes are the general term of safety shoes and protective shoes, which generally refer to shoes worn in different working places to protect feet and legs from foreseeable injury. Safety shoes for women and for men are both important. Different safety shoes have different application ranges and different requirements for the functions of safety shoes, which are as follows:
Toe protection safety shoes: the safety performance of inner Baotou is an1. It is suitable for metallurgy, mining, forestry, port, loading and unloading, quarrying machinery, construction, petroleum, chemical industry, etc.
Anti piercing safety shoes: the anti piercing strength is grade 1, which is suitable for mining, fire protection, construction, forestry, cold work, machinery industry, etc.

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Anti smashing

The industry standard (toe protection safety shoe ld50-94) is adopted. The lining of toe protection safety shoes is steel Baotou, which has static pressure resistance and impact resistance, stab resistance, and impact resistance. It is very safe. After inspection, the pressure resistance is 10kN, the impact resistance of the toe is 23kg, and the deformation gap in the shoes is > = 15mm after the impact hammer falls from 450mm height to impact the toe. It is mainly applicable to the safety of mines, machinery, and buildings, Leather shoes are used in heavy industries such as metallurgy, iron and steel, port hoisting, and so on to protect the safety of toes. They are supported by rubber and elastomer, comfortable to wear, and do not affect daily labor operation.

Puncture prevention
Protect the sole of the foot from sharp objects, and can withstand the puncture force of 1100n at most, which is a national special standard.
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