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Different Functions Of Different Shoes

Jan, 07, 2022

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Different shoes can change your temperament. Kameymall summarizes the following functions of shoes:

steel toed sneakers

Wearing shoes can protect the feet from external stimuli, such as stabbing, scratching, scalding, frostbite, etc; You can also wear shoes to achieve some specific effects, such as increasing height.

Different seasons, different styles, through matching with clothing to decorate the appearance;

You can reflect your personal identity, wealth, and strength through the grade of shoes you wear. In addition, why choose shoes?
Protect feet and raise feet: if the heel is too high, it will squeeze the toe to the toe tip, causing toe injury and inflammation, such as hallux valgus and bunion. Also because the high heel makes the calf muscles and ligaments in a tense contraction state, the knee joint is stiff, and the ankle sprains. Small shoes will grind feet, grow corns or calluses, and make people feel pain when walking. And airtight shoes will stuffy feet and get beriberi. When I was visiting his house, I took off my shoes. It was smelly and embarrassing.

Protect waist and brain
Flat shoes make people's center of gravity too backward. The body needs to lean forward to maintain balance. When walking, there is a feeling of the heel hitting the ground, and the vibration can also be transmitted to the brain. The too high heel makes the toe metatarsal more difficult and squeezed, which increases the stress of the ankle and knee. The waist and abdomen must be straightened greatly to maintain balance, which is easy to cause strain of muscles and ligaments of waist and hip. Wearing "flip flops" will naturally tilt back the waist in order to balance the forward-leaning body, and damage the spine over time. Here we recommend safety shoes, safety shoes for women and men are all important.

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